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. once again, it is a boeing triple 7 from asia. coyotes are roaming and we will tell you what fear residents have and what they are doing to deal with the animal. and ktvu channel 2 morning news continues.
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. good morning, thank you for joining us this tuesday morning, july 9th, i am pam cook. >> let's check your weather and traffic, i think you are there, you are in the fog. >> really 60s and 70s and a few low 90s. here is sal. between the walnut creek interchange and oakland, it looks good with no major problems, this morning we are looking at the golden gate bridge, pretty thick fog in southern marin let's go back to the desk. this morning the families of the two teenage girls arrived overnight and here is more on the angry words they had for the ceo of the crash.
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>> reporter: the parents of victims have not spoken publicly since the crash. however on the trip to the u.s., one of the victim's father's had a heated exchange with one of the ceos at a lay over in seoul. he told them he was dissatisfied with the handling of the disaster. the group who made the trip includes the parents of the deceased, the vice-president of the middle school and other people from their home city and parents of those who survived the crash. asiana airlines representative is escorting the families and local media bombarded the
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airline rep shortly aftermen last night. after 11:00 last night, he is there to coordinate events for the families and meanwhile, they are ushered privately from the tarmac and then escorted to nearby hotels. the 16-year-old victims were traveling from eastern china to attend a chinese summer camp. they were excellent students and great friends and their bodies were found a mile apart and one of them ejected from the plane, the other was found close to the debris and may have been struck by a vehicle. the parents are scheduled to see the coroner some time today to positively identify the bodies and the other surviving victims are likely to be reunited at some point as well.
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ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> and also, the ntsb is expected to release more information about that fso. i want to take you there live and you can see the wreckage of asiana airlines flight 214, and this is alive picture -- a live picture. they just told -- the head of the ntsb said they interviewed two pilots and would interview the two others today. according to the findings, engines were working leading up to saturday's crash but they are still trying to figure out why one emergency slide malfunctioned. >> the slides deployed inside the aircraft and we need to understand why that happened. >> reporter: investigators watched surveillance video to see if one teen survived the
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cash but was hit and killed by an emergency vehicle on the tarmac. investigators say the video is not clear and could take more to find out about what happened. some are being delayed it hours 30 minutes and it is not clear if it is connected to the asiana airlines crash investigation or because of the weather or both. we are also seeing flight cancellations and at least 100 flights were canceled yesterday. san jose reports four planes bound for fso were sent to san jose instead and that number is down from 21 on saturday.
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near the expected the extra arrival to affect normal operations instead. they have been stranded and those go from crown plaza and san mateo. they are asking people whose flights have been canceled to show proof and ask for the distressed passenger rate. one passenger describes the moment he knew something was wrong on flight 214. >> at that point everybody was screaming and i was thinking, oh, my g-d, this is not normal. >> he is talking about how he helped other passengers get out. new this morning, another triple boeing 777 had to turn around and land in tokyo because of warning lights
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flashing in the connect pit and they landed and got you have and boarded another plane and that hydraulic system is now being investigated. they are talking about a major fire sunday morning at a redwood city apartment complex and yesterday they found a body in one of those apartments. the fire was early sunday morning at the hallmark house apartments. 23 people were hurt including 3 firefighters and some of the almost 100 people who have been displaced will be escorted back into their apartments to collect their belongings. people living in and around saratoga are being warned this morning about coyotes. janine de la vega is live in saratoga to tell us how they are trying to catch these
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animals. good morning, janine? we are -- >> reporter: you can see this is a residential neighborhood but i just spoke with a neighbor who sees coyotes roaming all the time and it is a very try the end -- frightening experience and mercury news said they have put out a caged like trap in this neighborhood between west sally college and highway nine. a reason female coyote gave birth and now must hunt to feed them. they say this is due to urban sprawl encroaching on the coyote's natural habitat. they may start losing fear of humans and start attacking pets, but once the coyotes are
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captured, the mercury news said they will be euthanized. they are advising people that anyone who encounters them should make loud noises, do what you can to scare them, avoid direct contact with the animals and don't leave your pets outside. you will hear from that gentleman i spoke with about a lot of the scary encounters, he has had in this neighborhood. reporting live, janine de la vega. >> we have been talking about fog but other than that, it is a feel are you good commute but chp is not giving us a lot to work with which means we don't have a lot to work with westbound, we have a 15 minute delay and metering lease have been switched on -- metering
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lights have been switched on and we are looking at 237 and we still don't have a bottlenecks and for now we are clear on the way to sunnyvale. 101 and 280 is clear, we mentioned the fog, it is not super thick but we may run into hampered visibility especially on the peninsular. 6:09 let's go to steve. that is true, we have what was hurricane eric falling apart. we have a lot of tropical clouds and we have some in central california and i don't think we'll see anything out of that for us. it is close. electronics, -- toronto they are still getting rain this morning and they had torrential rain yesterday but for us, we have some of that fog so it is
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going down, down, down so some dense fog, almost a decent westerly breeze, chicago still west at 25, west at 18 and the bridge west at 20 and there is a component of a delta breeze, san jose is in there, 61 and fairfield is holding at 20 miles per hour, gone from 17 to 21, to 20. generally, it is a west wind and most locations are over the water. we are showing calm conditions. 55 ukiah, they will be close to 100 today. overall fog, up and down, it doesn't mean it changes much and any temperatures are away from the coast inland. nice, warm, mild to hot, 95 is hot.
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fremont, livermore 73 and it does look slightly warmer for inland areas by the weekend. some shocking new reports to what reportedly has happened to dozens of female prisoners and what they are doing would the state approval. what a sonoma state student was wearing which caused her to leave the school for good. plus a judge makes a ruling on a national security agency and the groundbreaking hearing happening today examining the agency's practices. [ male announcer ] you know that sizzler grills the world's best steaks.
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. a federal judge refused to throw out the lawsuit and they said it would risk secrets and it was brought by a group of at&t customers who claimed the government engaged in warrantless surveillance over u.s. citizens. meanwhile they have their first hearing since edward snowden first began exposing their looks and they are
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leading a national conversation. at today's hearing, they are among 16 -- they have 16 experts ready to testify at that hearing. they are waiting to hear whether edward snowden has accepted asylum from several areas. in the interview he said nsa gathers information for analysis including data from google and facebook. edward snowden is believed to it be in hiding at the moscow airport. president barack obama's frustration with president ahmed wali karzai is growing and it could lead to actions taken. why a california senator will be talking about that this
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week. >>reporter: senator barbara boxer and the rest of the relation's committee will meet and they will likely debate president barack obama's consideration of the zero option leaving no troops behind in afghanistan post 2014 but president barack obama's conversations with ahmed wali karzai intensified. ahmed wali karzai accused the u.s. of leaving him out of peace talks with the taliban and now they could cancel plans to leave behind residual forces to train afghan security and personnel. just how many troops in afghanistan right now and when we expect to hear from the white house on all of this when i see you next. ktvu channel 2 morning news kyla campbell . and court marshaled arm manipulate psychiatrist charged in the
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shooting rampage. nadal hasaan has been charged with killing 13 people and wounding 30 others. he will defend himself and will be questioning the wounded survivors. hasaan faces possibly the death penalty if convicted. a student who was asked to stop wearing across from around her neck will leave the school. she was told she could not wear the cross while representing the school. sonoma state officials apologized to her yesterday and say they hope she enrolls in the fall. it could take penalty tats and they will charge 50% more
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and that's one of several delays as the overall moves closer to the october 1st roll out. 150 prisoner inmates were sterilized and they suggest it was done without proper state approval. according to the center for investigative reporting doctors with that system carried out tube ball ligations. many women say they wereco where he ised -- coerced into allowing the procedure. it must be approved by top medical officials but one doctor said he has not seen any procedures like this since he took the job five years ago. they are facing the new york mets tonight after losing
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4-3. mets take the lead! >> he scored the winning run in the 16th inning, game ended at 12:42 this morning, bruce bochy is not happy, pam. and he will be on the mound starting for the giants tonight. buster posey was crazy, 5 hits. .. >> sal, we thought it was crazy that you were watching, people are still talking about the game from doing well and it is slow here at the toll plaza and moving onto the bridge it looks good and we have not had a lot
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of the accidents, interstate 880 looks good and it's a little lighter than usual, san mateo bridge, if you are driving to the peninsular, the fog might get you but the traffic still looks good but limited visibility on parts of the peninsular and parts of marin county. at 6:20 let's go to steve. we have a lot of areas of fog but it is already burning off for some. some has reduced visibility but maybe warm air aloft and tonight we top it out and we have oakland and yesterday it was way up. low system is spinning west of
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san francisco and will be drawn up by a combination of a system in the pacific northwest and tomorrow, 60s, 70s and 80s and we will have some 90s because of a high pressure system coming to the middle of the country and it will head back tomorrow. definite lit some thicker morning fog out there, warmer temperatures, a little bit above average, hardly any move at all and then that thick fog will be carried out, also friday looks to be one of the coolest days. what is happening now and ahead. stay tuned.
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. welcome back, 6:25, he was sitting there when that jet crashed. ben levy was coming back to a business trip in korea. he was one of the last to take
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pictures with his cell phone and he said the back of the plane hit the ground hard and despite being hurt, he helped other passengers. >> everybody was shouting, we are going to be okay, leave everything behind get out get out. >> levy said a firefighter gave him that yellow ribbon during the triages. he said he will continue to wear it as he helped others. organizers are facing another lawsuit. the company responsible for the portable toilets handwashing stations and temporary fencing is now suing. organizers have to pay more than $2 million to vendors and
6:27 am
charities. the five-day me i can says more. what are you looking at, sal? >> we are going to start in san jose a long northbound 280 getting up into the valley and we are seeing more crowding, certainly no crowding and south bay has been good for the first two days of the week and steve and i have been telling you some of the headlights are on, remember done use your high beams and we will have another traffic update soon. let's go to steve. we have a thicker fog and right now it is reducing visibilitiability. said some inn lane temperatures are higher. >> we will have more on the bay bridge and how the bolts and cracks may have been prevented.
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the chinese girls parents are in the bay area and have strong words for asiana airlines. it is going to be a very busy week, we will tell you why coming up next. cool the romance. and of course, talk to farmers. hi. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum♪ i love avocado so much i started a facebook page. oh, you should post a picture of my new earrings. those would go perfectly with this sweater i'm knitting. [ male announcer ] show your avocado love! try it on the turkey & spinach or subway club. subway. eat fresh®.
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drive a hybrid. get good grades. lose the bling. go paperless. combine policies. make automatic payments. and of course, talk to farmers. hi ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum♪ . right on time, the opening bell, general mills is visiting the new york stock exchange, we have 100 or so problems. >> you know we do... >> they are just visiting the investor and this is going to be a very busy week on wall street. we have kicked up earning season and alcoa is kicking up earning season and they reported it after the closing bell yesterday. actually very good reports and
6:31 am
economists had forecasted but they are keeping an eye on very good stuff. pam, it is tuesday, july 9th, i am dave clark. >> time now 6:30, a lot to talk about with continuing coverage of the plane crash at fso. today the ntsb will tell us more about that crash and they are holding a news conference. they are right now in the process of interviewing the four pilots who were on that plane. we have live coverage and we have alex savage who is standing by in mill bray and we are finding out more about what ntsb will say and we begin with katie who began in the bay area, katie? >> reporter: they are making what is likely along and painful trip and they arrived
6:32 am
at fso and are staying here, crown plaza hotel in burlingame and i am told they have not talked with media since arriving in the u.s. and the san mateo sheriff's deputies are standing guard over them since the crash. however on the trip to the u.s., one of the victim's fathers had a heated exchange with asiana airlines' ceo during a lay over in seoul. he told him he was dissatisfied with his handling of the disaster. the parents of another two students and the vice-president where the girls attended and other officials in their home
6:33 am
city. >> easy now. >> reporter: anarily lines representative arrived shortly after 11:00. he said he is there to coordinate events for the family. meanwhile others were ushered privately into buses and taking to nearby hotels. the 15-year-old victims, the girls were traveling from eastern china to attend a summer camp. they were excellent students and good friends and their bodies were found about a mile apart. the coroner confirms one of them ejected from the plane saturday and the other was found close to the wreckage and may have been struck by a first responder vehicle. it may take a few weeks before they can say how definitively
6:34 am
she died. the parents will go identify the bodies and they should be reunited with their young students. ktvu channel 2 morning news. we could find out more about the crash landing at fso. alex savage is in mill bray where he just spoke to the head of the ntsb, call legs? -- alex? they are in the process of questioning four of the pilots. two were completed yesterday afternoon and two more have to be done and investigators have yet to speak with the pilot who was at the controls of this boeing 777 who came in too low and far to low and crashed. >> reporter: at first they realized they needed more speed was only 7 seconds before the accident and they are trying to
6:35 am
understand why the pilots did not react sooner. the auto pilot system was turned off a minute and a half before impact but they say it's not unusual giving clear information as he started working on information for the triple 7. >> it is not just one person's responsibility to be flying, navigating, they work together as a crew and we want to understand how they worked communicating with one another and what they knew, what they knew about and coming into san francisco, what they knew about the airplane and its systems. >> the pilot at the controls has been identified as lee cook. he only worked 48 hours in a boeing 777 but had over 98
6:36 am
hours of flight time. they are working with korean investigators and according to flight data, they were going below its target speed much too low for a safe landing. they are still out here and they will be out here this morning and so far they documented the cockpit in much of the debris and it has been reached and the engines on that boeing triple were producing power and functioning correctly at the time of the crash. they hold to hold up, alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. many are still in bay area hospitals this morning. 17 patients are still there and they had 62 originally and 6 are in critical condition.
6:37 am
stanford hospital, 10 patients remain of the 55 sent there and one person is listed as critical. they have discharged all of the patients they received. now the sanford blood sent interpreter wants more donations and the lou keel children's hospital and the 4th of july and they are looking at how much asiana airlines will have to payout in lawsuits. coming up, the surprising amount of money asiana airlines will have to pay out to even the passengers who were not hurt and how much they will be awarded. it was a deadly apartment fire. nearly 100 people will be he is scored back into their homes to try and gather their belongings. there in redwood city with more
6:38 am
information on the fatal fire, brian? >> they, this fire from the very beginning over the weekend was very intense and this was the hallmark apartment complex here in redwood city, take a look, several floors and several units of those apartment complexes were completely destroyed but as you mentioned, 100 residents will be returning at about 8:30. this huge fire broke sunday at the hallmark apartment complex and several fire crews had to come in and douse it and they waited on their balconies to be rescued. they disclosed 20 and 3 firefighters were also injured and one manhasset died and his -- one man has died and his body was found in one of the
6:39 am
apartments as a result of the fire. they believe the fire started where he was and it completely destroyed the third floor while the first and second are a complete lost as well. many will be escorted into the apartment and also to maybe get the tough which was opened by the red cross as well and again they will be here at 8:30 this morning. here live in red wood city, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 morning news. over the eastern span of the bay bridge, they will now have to wait and they announced the bridge will not open over the labor day weekend and they discovered new broken bolts earlier this year. they will installing new bolts by installing a new sal the but
6:40 am
that's the earl quest. seem are wondering why they failed and others didn't the quality is something you would find at the home supply store and they didn't put enough into that initial investigation. highway 24 and the fog in some areas? >> it is thick in some places and seems to be thicker as the sun comes up. right now we have a look at highway 24. it is already pretty bright here and by contrast, if you go to the toll plaza, it is still dark with the clouds overhead and we have a new crash reported, we don't know much
6:41 am
about it, report it, and we will find out more about that and coming up. at 6:40 let's go to steve. all right, sal we are dealing with some fog, some of that fog has come way, way down, a sign of high pressure is above it and some of that may be really thick, reducing visibility, it brings inland temperatures and hurricane eric is falling apart, just extra tropical. went past st. lucas, we may drift into southern california and nevada. record rainfall in toronto, they had severe flooding, subway system, the roads flooded and they are still getting some light rain today, so a tough 24 to 36 hours in toronto.
6:42 am
it has really squashed the fog so it is a really shallow marine layer. high pressure today, it will be drawn up by that system and the combination those two will sweep in and that will allow for a cooler pattern to kick in. but today, it is in the middle of the country and the western part of it extend inland areas and that allows some 90s but no change coast and bay. there is still a westerly breeze especially in the delta, west at 25, 55 ukiah, it who and -- like tahoe and fog for us, some of that thick fog means 60s mainly by the waters' edge and we will find a big difference in today's temperatures and it looks like the warmest day and the cooling trend takes us to friday and
6:43 am
saturday. 6:42, coming up next. >> everyone who has helped me through this entire ordeal... >> what the three rescued women now want the public to know... you will hear what the county is doing about it and you will hear about the frightening accounts of one man who had several run inns with them.
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. here is a look at some of the top stories and the ntsb is expected to tell us more about the crash landing at fso. they are in the process of interviewing the pilots. just about a half hour ago, ntsb was here and they say they have already spoken to two pilots and interview the other two today. the parents of the grieving -- the grieving parents landed at fso along with a ceo from asiana airlines. during a lay over at seoul, he told them he was not happy with their handling of the disaster. and they will be able to go
6:47 am
back home to get their belongings. one person died and several others were hurt when the apartment building went up in flames sunday morning. they are prompting animal experts to take action. here is a warning for people who live nearby... janine? >> reporter: i just spoke with a man who said he knew coyote the were around but he -- coyotes were around but he fears there is an explosion and not enough is being done. they have taken numerous reports of coyote sightings between west valley college and highway 9. because of the complaints, santa clara has set up a trap to lure the coyotes and a female coyote recently
6:48 am
gave birth to six pups and must hunt for food to feed them. there is a loss of open space and natural habitat and that has decreased for the animals. one resident said he complained about the coyotes because he had numerous run ins with the animals. >> they are aggressiving, they chase bigger dogs, when you are walking your dog, they will just come -- especially if there is three of them and somebody is going to get hurt bad. >> reporter: the city in investigator control and they are warning not to leave foot and if you are out walking if you do see a coyote, make loud noises appear intimidating and do anything to scare them off.
6:49 am
reporting live ktvu channel 2 morning news ktvu channel janine de la vega. the women held captive, ktvu channel 2 morning news are speaking out for the first time. >> i may have been through hell and back but i am strong enough to walk through hell with a smile on my face. >> amanda berry gina dejesus and michelle knight posted a you tube video and all thanked them for their continued report. former bus driver ariel castro has pled not guilty to holding the women captive in his home. clothes being arguments are set to get underway in the gang rape trial. both sides each face life in prison -- life in prison after
6:50 am
the attacks of a 16-year-old girl during homecoming on the campus. they still call it shark tank but it officially becomes the gene center in san jose. they are the co-founder of the business software and besides that sign on the outside, they have plans to improve the anterior -- inter -- interior as well. >> it has become more of an issue and it is at carlson and traffic will be slow. i am moving the mass down to menlo park near marsh road and there is a report of a crash there as well. let's move along to 880 in oakland and traffic will be okay and it's getting a little
6:51 am
bit slower but so far okay in front of the coliseum. there is a 15 to 20 minute back up at the bay bridge toll plaza before you get passed the metering lights. not far on the bug, it is getting close but it will burn off and some of that creeping and crawling around, reduced visibility. plenty out there and you can see them, there is a big fog bank, they even have some patchy fog. there is still warm air a lot of, warming inland temperatures and there was some dense fog with traffic and weather but i
6:52 am
don'tee much changes. warming up and there is not much change coast and bay and maybe even a little drizzle as well over there. temperatures are held down a little low and we will combine to push everything out of the way and that will be starting tomorrow and that means temperatures will begin to cool off. thicker morning fog, not a lot but still coming up since sunday and still mid-90s but we top it out here. closer to the bay, low 80s and 90s, starting tomorrow, a combination of those two lows, that will take us wednesday thursday into friday and maybe a bump up by the weekend. well, they have received approval from regulators to take over hostess and it wraps it up for butternut and home
6:53 am
pride resipes. they agreed they would purchase them but it's not clear how long it will take to get those products back on the store shelves. and back up 75 points, as i mentioned, first day of trading for earnings report of alcoa, aluminum and it is mixed in terms of revenue results but better than analysts expected and s&p 500 is expected to do well as well. which transit agency has a new app and what this means for passengers. good morning. highway 4, now it is getting crowded and there are no crashes but just slow
6:54 am
traffic. mary gonzales had a cold, she also has asthma. so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan, who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor.
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she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente. kaiser permanente. thrive
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. local time now, asiana airlines will probably pay millions of dollars to passengers on flight 214 according to a top personal injury lawyer. even the people not hurt will probably see million dollar settlements because of traumatic -- posttraumatic injury disorder and the two
6:57 am
girls killed in the crash, those will be based on pain and suffering, loss of lifetime wages and also medical costs. and there is a way to help improve security and they are launching a smart phone app, and taking part in a national security campaign and it is called, if you see something, say something. you can take a photo of a crime and send it directly to the police. we are just on the scene of a new crash in san francisco northbound 208 for geneva avenue, i want to put it on the map here for you. northbound at geneva, this crash is blocking the two left lanes and they have just arrived and it's blocking two left lanes, traffic is quickly
6:58 am
backing up and we will have more coming up on mornings on 2. we have fog and clouds and it will burn off sooner today but by the coast it is solid and 90s well inland. a lot of questions surrounding the deadly tragedy at fso and we have some information that may provide important answers. the grim task some of those families face today, stay with us, we will be right back.
6:59 am
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>> reporter: federal investigators will interview the pilots at the controls of asiana flight 214 to get an understanding of his mindset and what the head of the ntsb had to say earlier about this training. emotions boil over as the father of a crash victim comes face to face with the ceo of asiana airlines. >> my mom and my dad, and

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